• high energy efficiency fuel
  • environmentally friendly
  • very economical in comparison to other fuels
  • secure supply
  • convenient, easy to use
  • multipurpose use
  • independent from pipeline network
  • interchangeability with natural gas

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) consists of specially selected hydrocarbons or mixtures thereof, which are obtained from processing oil or raw natural gas. Propane (C3H8) and butane (C4H10) are generally used as clean gas and as a mixture thereof.

LPG is a non-toxic combustible gas that is heavier than air and at a certain ratio is explosive when exposed to air. An odorant is added to the gas, to give it a characteristic odor that makes it easier to detect. The product of burning (with a correctly set mixture of gas and air) are CO2 and H2O, which is ecologically acceptable. LPG does not pollute groundwater or air.

Under normal atmospheric conditions LPG is in the gaseous state, and under a pressurized atmosphere it becomes liquid. This characteristic is effectively exploited in transporting and storing gas in cylinders and gas reservoirs. LPG is stored as a liquid at room temperature in containers under pressure, which means that in a relatively small area a large amount of energy has been accumulated. This enables a wide range of applications.

In comparison with natural gas, the distribution of which depends on the diversification of gas pipeline networks, LPG can be made available in depots anywhere in Slovenia where there is a road connection. LPG is a completely independent power source (has its own warehouses, excellent logistical support, readily available supply). Gas reservoirs are filled on site from tanks.

It is used in households for cooking, heating water and homes; it is also used as a fuel for cars, fork-lift trucks, heavy machinery, and is also a good energy source for lights, heating, and cooking during camping . It is used in industry for welding, cutting and heating as well as in agriculture for heating greenhouses, for animal farms, etc.

Using LPG provides comfort. Modern gas appliances are simple to use, do not create noise and do not require a lot of space. When using LPG, a separate boiler room is not needed. It provides a safe, quick and accurate control of heating. Devices that use gas for their operation are extremely energy efficient, with efficiency at more than 92%, and in condensing boilers up to 109%. It is also easy to monitor use and track the amount left in the gas tank.

Interchangeability with natural gas – LPG is used where, either for economic or other reasons, a natural gas pipeline is not yet available. The cost of changing from LPG to natural gas is minimum (need only replace the nozzles for gas boilers).


House with a gas tank

The package “Turnkey gas” is a unique and practical package, which includes renting the gas reservoir with the entire outer gas installation and long-term, reliable supply of gas.

What is included in the package “Turnkey Gas”?

  1. Gas reservoir rental
  • supply of an above ground (out in the open) or underground gas reservoir, equipped with all necessary safety equipment
  • transporting the reservoir to the building
  • installing the reservoir at the desired location
  1. Renting the external gas installation (to the facade of the building)
  • 1st degree regulator
  • 2nd degree in the reducing cabinet
  • flexible hose
  • Gas fire faucet in the cabinet on the facade of the building
  • Gas installation in the length up to 15 m from the reservoir to the gas fire faucet


  1. Obtaining permits for charging and using the gas reservoir

Note: The package does not include construction work: excavation, offsetting up the construction base for the gas reservoir and the excavation of the pipeline route.

Advantages of the package »Turnkey Gas«

  • saving s on the high initial costs; the gas reservoir is rented (contract for the payment of rent should be concluded),
  • savings on space in the building (there is no need for a special space for the boiler room),
  • savings on maintenance costs for the equipment,
  • savings on replacing the energy source (switch to natural gas).



  • 8 packages of energy solutions for your home
  • savings in heating costs up to 50%
  • reduced prices for the equipment are valid until July 1st, 2015
  • an excellent offer and financing for equipment (payment by installments, interest-free loan)
  • professional support and service for the equipment
  • replacement of the furnace in accordance with the Regulation on emissions
  • caring for a clean environment

Package 1: condensing gas furnace Vaillant ecoTEC VU 246/5-3 pro

– for heating

– savings in heating costs: up to 15%

Package 2: condensing gas furnace Vaillant ecoTEC VU 246/5-3 pro +

               heat pump TC 300-1ZC

– for heating homes and water

– savings in heating costs: up to 15%; up to 45%

Package 2+: heat pump Gorenje TC 300-1ZC

– for water heating

– savings in heating costs: up to 45%

Package 3: condensing gas furnace Vaillant ecoTEC VUW INT I 196/5-3 pro

               with a built-in flow water heater

– for heating homes and water

– savings in heating costs: up to 15%

Package 4: condensing gas furnace Vaillant ecoTEC VU 246/5-3 pro

– for heating homes and water

– savings in heating costs: up to 15%

Package 5: condensing gas furnace Vaillant ecoTEC VUW INT 256/5-5 plus

– for heating homes and water

– savings in heating costs: up to 15%

Package 6: condensing gas furnace Vaillant auro COMPACT VSC S 196-C 200 +

Flat plate collector auroTHERM VFK 145 V

– for heating homes and water

– savings in heating costs: up to 50%

Package 7+: Pellet fireplace NORDICA DORINA

– additional heating in warmer months

– savings in heating costs: up to 20%



The new hybrid heat pump Rotex HPU hybrid with a gas condensing unit is a perfect heating solution and is suitable for all types of heating systems. The heat pump automatically chooses the most efficient mode of operation.

Advantages for the user:

  • High efficiency – optimal use of free renewable source of energy from the surrounding air, in combination with gas condensation technique. Up to 30% greater efficiency in tap water heating in comparison to a conventional gas condensing technology.
  • Automatic adjustment of the operation – Rotex hybrid logic control takes into account temperature conditions and prices of electricity and gas, and automatically chooses the most economical heating.
  • Comfort all year round – a hybrid operation using two sources to provide low cost heating and comfort all year round.
  • Easy integration into various existing heating systems.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Compact dimensions of external and internal unit allow installation even where space is limited.
  • Optional use of the unit also for cooling.


If you smell gas:

  • put out the flame,
  • open all windows and doors,
  • turn the main fire faucet off,
  • do not use switches and phone,
  • prevent the use of electric doorbells,
  • do not smoke,
  • turn on the lights only when you do not smell gas any more,
  • contact an authorized contractor or your distributor as soon as possible.



  • combustible gas – risk of fire and explosion
  • professional performance – setting up the tank and installation is trusted to a knowledgeable contractor
  • authorized service: devices using gas (boiler, water heater, stove) must be installed and tested by an authorized service
  • checking the gas reservoir – gas reservoir and piping can be used only after it has been checked by the authorized body for inspection
  • periodic inspections – the user must order an inspection once a year for the gas line; it must be carried out by a qualified contractor; periodic inspections of the pressure vessel must be carried out within the prescribed periods
  • the user must ensure that the gas station is for its intended use only and that it is clean
  • vigilance by the user – in case of suspicion of any fault the user should be immediately call the gas supplier (maintenance emergency service)