We offer our subscribers maintenance and monitoring of the boilers and district heating systems.

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Istrabenz plini d.o.o.

Centte for western Slovenija – Koper:

8a Sermin, 6000 Koper, Slovenia

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Managing boiler houses

– operation of the boiler house and distribution of hot water to the substations,

– regular inspections and maintenance of equipment,

– preparation of balance sheet for heating costs,

– record-keeping of the operation of the boiler house, fuel usage and other energy sources (monitoring),

– management of investments in renovation of equipment and hot water system,

– account keeping for the boiler house,

– implementation of legal transactions (recovery, …)

– preparation of proposals for improving the functioning and possible upgrades of the equipment,

– preparation of the final statement of the operation at the end of the heating season,

– preparation of plans of operations, maintenance and investment,

– caring for energy efficiency.

Istrabenz plini – manager of the boiler house Markovec

– boiler house for production and distribution of the heat for the village of Markovec

– 2,100 condominium owners or customers

– 132,000 m2 heating surfaces

– installed boilers capacity: 19.75 MW

– energy source: heating oil (a long-term plan: transition to natural gas)

– management on behalf of a third party and for a third party

– management control: board of condominium owners