• an effective way of heating large spaces
  • heating, when and where needed – partial heating or heating of only a specific workplace
  • a quick response – short heat-up time
  • energy savings up to 50%
  • well-targeted, pleasant radiant heat
  • no distribution losses

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With gas radiation program Schwank we offer energy efficient heating solutions for large spaces, allowing the possibility of energy savings, which can be made through the mode of heat generation, heating temperature, heating technique, the time necessary for the warming of the space before the start of work, partly heating of production or storage spaces, heating only one working space and setting up and maintaining protective temperature outside working hours (night, public holidays).

Heating with heat radiation

Infrared heating is a natural, healthy and economical way of heating. This is the principle the nature (sun) uses for warming since time immemorial. The feeling of heat emitted by the sun is actually the result of the infrared radiation (electromagnetic radiation) which is part of sunlight. It is a completely natural and man-friendly energy.

Applications Schwank are suitable for:

Industrial buildings:

  • production, working halls,
  • storage facilities, logistics centres,
  • servicing halls,
  • greenhouses,
  • livestock facilities.

Public facilities:

  • sports facilities (stadiums)
  • salons, showrooms
  • restaurants (open-air terrace)
  • train and bus stations
  • places of Worship