• Efficient and sustainable energy use
  • Solutions tailored to the needs Of customers
  • Reduction of energy supply costs
  • Large primary energy savings
  • Minimised emission of CO2, NOx, SOx
  • Reliable energy supply

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Cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) is the simultaneous conversion of energy

from fuel gas into heat and power. An important feature of CHP is that the surplus heat, that would otherwise be wasted, is captured and used for water or space heating or other industry processes and applications. The main reason for the installation of a CHP system is to cover the electricity and heat

demand of the user, however, demand for both forms of energy is rarely satisfied in full. Cogeneration systems are therefore usually installed parallel to conventional energy installations in order to allow electricity to be drawn from the mains grid in case of shortfalls or fed into the local network in case of surpluses. Cogeneration, as a technology for the efficient use of energy, brings considerable primary energy savings.

In addition, the primary energy savings offered by cogeneration have a lower environmental impact. Conventional electrical generation consumes 3 kWh of fuel energy to produce 1 kWh of electricity, while cogeneration produces the same amount of electricity with only 1.5 kWh. Therefore, cogeneration produces 50 % less pollutants. As a result of the use of surplus heat, the total efficiencies of cogeneration systems reach around 85 %, which implies significant primary energy savings. Economic viability of CHP – with the current ratios between prices for electricity and fuels, cogeneration is one of the most effective and economic ways to reduce energy costs.

Examples of good practice by activity – CHP projects

Commercial / residental buildings

  • Poslovno – stanovanjska soseska Kare h, Radovljica
  • Stanovanjsko – poslovni objekt Ferrarska 17, Koper
  • Kotlovnica – Mestne njive, Novo mesto
  • Kotlovnica – Seidlova, Novo mesto
  • Kotlovnica – Ragovska, Novo mesto
  • Kotlovnica – Šegova, Novo mesto
  • Kotlovnica – Maistrova, Litija
  • Kotlovnica – Ulica Šercerjeve brigade 5, Maribor

Commercial / industrial buildings

  • Istrabenz Istrabenz plini, Novo mesto
  • Plinarna Maribor – skladiščno distribucijski center Bohova, Hoče
  • Intereuropa PE Maribor
  • Primat, Maribor
  • Avtotehna, Litijska cesta, Ljubljana
  • TPV Velika Loka
  • Pivovarna Laško
  • Fructal, Ajdovščina
  • KZ Celje
  • Marifarm, Maribor

Tourism, hospitality and sport facilities

  • Hotel Riviera, Hotel Slovenija, Portorož
  • Kopališče Pristan, Maribor
  • GH Portorož, Hotel Apollo, Terme & Wellness, Portorož
  • Casino Mond, Šentilj
  • Hotel Habakuk, Maribor
  • Hotel Orel, Maribor
  • Hotel Piramida, Maribor
  • Terme Čatež – Hotel Žusterna, Koper
  • MTC Fontana, Maribor

Hospitals, health centres and retirement homes

  • Sončni dom, Maribor
  • Socialno varstveni center Litija

Educational institutions

  • Osnovna šola, vrtec, športna dvorana, stanovanjski bloki Litija
  • Osnovna šola Dušana Flisa Hoče
  • Osnovna šola Selnica ob Dravi

District heating systems

  • Energetika Maribor
  • B. Point toplarna, Maribor