The Group Istrabenz plini is the third largest provider of industrial gases (technical gases) in Slovenia. The company SIAD S.p.A from Bergamo, Italy, is our main supplier for industrial gases and shares with us all their knowledge and patents.

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Oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and many other industrial gases are one of the basic elements of the technical development of the modern era.

They are present at every step of our daily lives – they are used in all industrial processes from food to automotive industry, chemical and metallurgical industry, metal processing, environmental protection, medical industry, etc.

Industrial gases are obtained from air by physical processes, or as secondary products in the production process (which significantly contributes to the optimization). Regarding their characteristics in terms of use and quantity, they are distributed either in gaseous form (gas bottles or piping), either in the liquid form (liquefied gases in reservoirs) with varying degrees of purity.

The Group Istrabenz plini successfully cooperates with customers in large and technically – technologically demanding projects in the field of pharmaceutical industry and thermal insulation materials.

Special gases

When for the application of gases special purity, a specific composition of the mixture, a careful preparation, a special analysis etc. are demanded, we are talking about special gases.

The most modern technical equipment, avant-garde production and laboratory facilities, an experienced specialized team of Slovenian and foreign experts and an extensive sales and distribution network enable us to be able to satisfy all the requirements of clients and also offer special gases and equipment to use them at high international quality standards.

Applied technologies

Applied technologies for the use of industrial gases are present in many processes: enriching air with oxygen in the furnace for melting cast iron, use of pure oxygen in wastewater treatment, deep-freezing of food with liquid nitrogen, thermoregulation, degassing of aluminum, heat treatment, melting tin and in many other processes.

In order to find new ideas for various uses of industrial gases, we follow the development of production processes in all areas of industrial branches, scientific research, medical industry and other fields. Every solution we propose to our customers is checked by tests and pilot devices in the user installations. This method strengthens our mutual trust and creates partnership.

Everything mentioned above and many references prove that the Group Istrabenz plini is a leading entity in the area of technology of the gas use in Slovenia.