The Group Istrabenz plini is the second largest distributor of natural gas in Slovenia and operates 11 concessions for natural gas.

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Plinarna Maribor d.o.o.

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Natural gas is the cleanest source of energy. It is suitable for various uses and is environmentally friendly. It is reliable, easy to use and affordable. The use of natural gas is versatile. In households, it is most commonly used for space and water heating, air-conditioning and cooking. In industry, natural gas is used for technological processes and heating. Natural gas is also a propellant.

It is the least environmentally damaging and is cheaper than the other fossil fuels. Large stocks and new technology for its acquisition suggest a bright future for natural gas, with an important role in supplying the population with this type of energy. Because of its excellent features, natural gas is sometimes referred to as “energy source of the future“. An increased use of natural gas is foreseen in the structure of primary energy required in Slovenia. According to these projections, the consumption of natural gas is the fastest growing among the energy sources and will continue growing in the coming years.

The scope of natural gas can be divided into two activities. The first is the distribution system operator with a concession, and the other activity is sale of natural gas under competitive market conditions.