The Group Istrabenz plini is the largest provider of LPG in Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It offers comprehensive and professional services for consulting, planning and execution of gas installations.

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Liquefied petroleum gas is a common term for propane, butane and mixtures of both in different proportions. In the case of normal temperature and low pressure it is liquid, which allows storage of large amounts of energy on a small area. Usually, in households a mixture of butane and propane is used. In the winter, the mixes contain mainly propane because it evaporate at low temperatures (-42˚C).

The Group Istrabenz plini provides comprehensive and professional services for consulting, planning and execution of gas installations. We offer quality and rapid construction of gas reservoirs and installation of the entire gas system. We counsel our users and educate them how to use gas equipment and installations in a safe way and without disturbance. With an extensive network of business associates we provide for execution of the works as soon as possible. In accordance with the regulations, we provide regular maintenance and inspection of gas installations.

LPG industry, trade

Use of LPG in gas bottles in industry and trade:

  • – for heat treatment of materials
  • – in construction
  • – for treatment of metal
  • – for heating of space for animal husbandry, greenhouses, weed control

LPG – fuel for heavy machinery

In industry, LPG is increasingly used as motor fuel for heavy machinery. Gas bottles are filled with propane. LPG is available in 11 kg aluminum gas bottles.

Advantages of aluminum gas bottles:

– they are light and clean (no corrosive particles inside)

– will not damage at any slightest impact

– contain 11 kg of gas

– a special valve provides safe handling and manipulation of the gas bottle

LPG – patio heaters

Patio heater provides a simple, modern and affordable way of heating patios, summer gardens or other open spaces. Patio heater allows you to extend your opening hours and therefore also the amount of business outdoors. The Group Istrabenz plini provides a simple and secure solution for heating – with hiring  patio heaters. We provide a regular supply of 10 kg gas bottles.